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Researcher and Trader 

Kashyap Sriram

I bought my very first gold mining stock in 2015, a few months before the end of the 2011-15 commodity bear market. I invested in Bitcoin in 2016, with my friends and colleagues telling me I’m throwing my hard-earned money away on a crazy speculation. While my peers were investing in Indian public sector banks or the flavor-of-the-day Mutual Fund, I was investing in USD-denominated assets to save myself from rupee depreciation (I live in India).

How did I know to do that?


I studied business, history, finance, and Austrian economics, found my calling in trading and investing in the global markets, and fully immersed myself in the deceptively simple quest of buying low and selling high.

I worked for nearly five years as a junior analyst at The Dollar Vigilante newsletter, writing for a global audience of 5000+ subscribers. My focus was primarily on the precious metals space, researching and recommending small-cap gold and silver exploration companies.

I undertook contract research for Louis James LLC, where I worked with Lobo Tiggre on his premier investment newsletter The Independent Speculator, and covered 450+ stocks for sister publication My Take.

After spending my formative years in finance in the newsletter business, I decided to make the leap into trading and portfolio management. In June 2021, I started publishing my trade ideas to a small audience on Telegram and made my first foray into full-time trading. I quickly learned the difference between being a trader and being an analyst. As an analyst, I was paid for being right. As a trader, the market paid me only if I made money. I adopted a trading style that reflected my roots in the fundamental analysis but added a macro overlay and technical/ statistical analysis for defining my risks. Unlike a traditional newsletter, I actually trade my ideas and evolve my thinking in line with the changes in markets. No dogma, no obsession with being right. I'm all about making money.

How can I help you?

If you're looking for market commentary and trade ideas, follow me on my free Telegram group and subscribe here for my free newsletter. If you need help with due diligence on a particular company, or a spreadsheet model, or overall portfolio design, or a deep dive into a particular sector or country, I'm available for paid consultation at

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