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Weekly rollup | June 27-July 03 2022

Stocks Mentioned: Gold, Natural gas, Tellurian (TELL), Yellowcake (YCA.LN)

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June 29 2022

June 30 2022

Stopped out of the MGC long at $1807. Looks like gold may head below $1800. After seeing copper under $4, I wouldn't be surprised if gold finally cracks.

P.S. I'm taking time off this week to celebrate my birthday which is why I haven't posted much.

Natural gas NG is down 12% today, and down 40.4% from its peak. Surprisingly, the nat gas stocks aren't down much. I don't understand why, but I'm exiting Tellurian TELL nevertheless. The stock is right at the 100 week MA. Based on entry at $4.49 and exit at $3.03, the trade lost 33%. Natty is extremely volatile - it is impossible to trade a small cap nat gas stock without a very wide stop. This is why I go for smaller position sizes with wide stops.

July 01 2022

Yellowcake (YCA.LN) NAV as of June 30 is GBP 4.33/share. Yesterday's close was 3.266, which amounts to a discount of 24.57%. That's the equivalent of buying a pound of uranium at $38.1 when the going rate is $50.5/lb.

July 02 2022

Not many changes in two weeks, except I got rid of the timber and dry bulk category and collapsed the remaining positions (WFG and EDRY) into 'Other Trades'. I'm now net long 155% and well-diversified across sectors I believe in.

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