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Monthly rollup | December 2021

Stocks Mentioned: Champion Iron Limited (CIA.TO), Discovery Silver (DSV.V), Sabina (SBB.TO)

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December 02 2021

Hilariously, some market gurus kept calling for a crash even as the liquidity was rushing in.

Adding Champion Iron to the portfolio today. Like ZIM, this is an earnings story being completely mispriced by the market due to irrational China fears.

December 10 2021

December 14 2021

Discovery Silver (DSV.V) was up 15.6% yesterday on no news. Might be takeover news leaked out. It's certainly the season for takeovers, following Kinross's C$1.8+ billion bid for Great Bear.

The Drewry World Container Index, a global composite of main routes, rose 2.3% last week, to $9,262 per forty-foot equivalent unit, up 170% year on year. The index hasn’t been this high since the last week of October.

CIA.TO broke out. Funny thing is, Baltic Dry Index is having a massive down day. Usually, freight rates and iron ore prices move together. I think we see higher shipping costs and iron ore prices from here.

December 18 2021

After falling in 2019 and 2020, global power generation from coal is expected to jump by 9% in 2021 to an all-time high of 10,350 terawatt-hours, according to the IEA’s Coal 2021 report. ATHs expected in 2022.

December 28 2021

Some humor to wrap up the year - Dave barrys year review 2021

December 29 2021

Analysts anticipate that 2022 tanker demand will increase some 5% year-on-year, helping push spot earnings into profitable territory ($21,800 in Q1 2022 vs -$600 in Q3 2021 for a VLCC).

December 30 2021

I think the bottom is in for uranium stocks and we bounce a bit from here. After getting out in September, I finally got back in today, taking a position in URG. The way tax loss season works, trades need to be settled by Dec. 31 for the losses to count for this year. Since US markets operate on a T+2 settlement system (trading date + 2 days), that means today (12/29) was the last trading day available for booking tax losses. The selling pressure on the weak stocks should subside here. If you have been waiting for a bottom before buying, now's a good time to start deploying that cash.

I chose URG because it is my favourite stock to trade in the uranium space.

Sabina (SBB.TO) is another tax loss trade I bought into. We also own it in the AAO gold exploration segment.

This content was originally published as part of Against All Odds Research.

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